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My second album with most of the songs including guitar and some alterations to the books :p

I'll be adding all the songs here in time, now u can get them here:

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released December 16, 2010




Room of whateva Finland

Hi! Thanks for visiting my Bandcamp :) I make wizard rock mostly. I love feedback so plz let me know what you think, for example via Facebook. It's also the best place to check out what's new. I'd love suggestions for covers, song ideas, or if you want me to make you a song, I probably will :p More songs currently on Purevolume. :) ... more

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Track Name: The best few minutes in Draco's life (guitar version)
Draco smirks on the platform
Draco is on the train
Draco kicks on the train and
Draco lies on a lap on the train

Harry lies in the armchair
Harry lies on the seat
Harry flies on his broom and
Harry flies on his broom on the Quidditch pitch

Why don't you boys just...

Draco feeling the stone floor
Draco over the sink
Draco cries in the bathroom
Draco feeling rather weak
Feeling rather weak
Potter says he's weak
Potter says he's...

Harry is busy with the broom practise on the Quidditch pitch
Harry is busy with the mysteries that lie underneath
Harry is busy, too busy with his friend Ron
and Hermione does all his homework but still he's

He's too busy to see
that someone's still waiting
on that train
that September day
their hand reached out

Harry runs from the fire
Harry runs for his life
Harry saves all his friends and
Harry takes him behind him on the broom

"Finally I'm flying with my hero, with my love
I've been waiting for this day
It's beautiful like a lil dove
I'm holding you
My one true love"

Harry saved his lil ass again
He saved his lil ass again
He saved Draco's lil ass again
He saved him again

Why don't you boys just...
Why don't you boys...